About Us

Colored pencils and crayons. Paintbrushes and pom poms. Scissors and stamps. Glue sticks and glitter. These are just the beginning because in the hands of mini makers, they are the tools that spark creativity.

At Small Fry Art Studio, we provide not only traditional (and sometimes non-traditional) art supplies but also a space that is designed to encourage kids to explore their creativity. Maybe a blank canvas and a palette of paint colors will inspire a painting of the Milky Way. Or buttons, pom poms, yarn and popsicle sticks might become a mixed media piece that rivals the creations of Picasso. Perhaps with cardboard, scissors and glue, an amazing sculpture will take shape. With support for self-expression and the freedom to unleash their creativity, let’s see where our kids’ imaginations take them.

Meet Our Teachers!

Courtney Barbe

Gretchen Ettlie

Linsay Alexander